Club Cupid is a fancy strip club that Ai discovers in the first book. She is recruited after a staff member hears her singing a duet with Fa'an.

At first she likes the club, but when she realizes that the singers are required to seductively peel off their costumes throughout the show, she decides not to like it as much. Later Ai becomes a singer at Club Cupid (although she chooses not to strip) under the stage name Princess Ai (which, ironically, is actually her real name). Ai tells the club owner "My body is sacred, so it's a no-go. But I can promise you one thing-- You won't regret letting me sing on your stage." Ai is true to her word and is an immediate hit at the club.

There she befriends another singer named Jen. Jen repairs Ai's dress after it is ripped during an onstage tussle with Mika, a jealous coworker.